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Eye Impact is the eye doctor's office of the 21st Century.  Because being environmentally friendly and working efficiently is extremely important to us, we are a paperless practice.  Electronic health records means that we use as little paper as possible and can maintain/organize your records more effectively.  Our exam room is fully computerized and  integrated with all the preliminary equipment so that all your testing takes place in one room.  The latest digital technology assists our doctor in giving you a precise and thorough examination. 

Once your examination is complete, our Visioffice technology will help to design made to measure lenses for your new eyewear.  The old fashioned method of measuring your interpupillary distance is a thing of the past... now we can measure it digitally with much greater precision.  In addition, the Visioffice measures near working distance, eye dominance, head tilt, the relationship between your eyes and the position of the frame and how your eyes and head work together when you read or use a computer.  All of these measurements go into custom designing lenses for you that make your world a little bit sharper and a bit more comfortable too.

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