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Tom Davies Bespoke

Webster's dictionary defines "Bespoke" as dealing in or producing custom made articles.  That is the approach that we take towards the Eye Impact experience.  From the moment you walk through our doors to when you put on your new eyewear and see the world in a whole new way, we strive to make every step of the process effortless and enjoyable.  Most of all, we tailor your experience to your needs in every way.  Once our doctor has determined your new prescription, you are ready to embark on the design process for your new eyewear.  

Tom Davies Bespoke is the one of a kind eyewear line that gives us the ability custom design a frame just for you.  The possibilities are almost endless with over 20 different acetate color options in three different finishes (glossy, matte and scratch finish) and over 15 different titanium colors in glossy or matte finishes.  Each frame is tailored to fit your face just right, including frame width and temple length.  Never before could every little detail of the frame be customized.  If you choose the Couture (ultra personalized option), you even receive a to scale preview pic of you wearing your new frame.  The ultimate bespoke touch is your name laser engraved on the inside of your made to measure eyewear.

Personalization does not end with the frame.  With VisiOffice technology, prescription lenses can now be custom designed for you regardless of the type of lenses that you require (single vision or multifocal).  The Visioffice digitally measures the distance between your pupils (interpupillary distance or PD), the wrap or curvature of your frame and physical relationship between your eyes and your frame.  For progressive wearers, VisiOffice also measures eye dominanace, working distance, eye/head movement and head tilt when you read or use a computer.  Why use a marker to dot the lenses the old fashioned way when there is a more precise way to measure the fit of your lenses.  All of these measurements go into a personalized design that will help to reduce peripheral distortion and ease lens adaptation.

Eye Impact is Houston's eyewear atelier.  The level of customization of frames and lenses makes Eye Impact your personal designer eyewear studio.

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